Maven Law Group provides clients with comprehensive legal and government affairs services. 

Our attorneys and government affairs professionals bring together expertise in law, government affairs, politics, and communications to deliver effective solutions on behalf of our clients.  This multi-faceted approach delivers results that cannot be achieved through traditional law firm models.   

As a firm, our objective is to deliver the most direct and efficient solution to every client matter.  For certain projects, this requires the execution of a narrow legal strategy.  For more complex matters, a multi-channel legal and government affairs strategy is necessary to drive effective results.  This approach ensures that each client is receiving the specific range of services necessary to reach a final solution. 

 Maven Law Group delivers results for clients in the following practice areas: 

  • Corporate and Non-Profit Counsel.  Maven Law Group serves as counsel to corporations and non-profits on a wide range of legal matters by providing concise, sound legal services that minimize legal liabilities and control public relations contingencies. 

  • Compliance.   Whether in response to a corporate crisis or as a regular good governance function, Maven Law Group provides clients with comprehensive but streamlined corporate compliance systems.  Our attorneys have developed industry leading corporate compliance systems for the largest companies in the world. 

  • Political Law. Maven Law Group is a leading political and election law firm in the Western United States, representing corporations, non-profits, political committees as well as state and federal elected officials to help ensure compliance with federal and state election and campaign finance laws.  In the prior election cycle, these representations included members of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, a U.S. presidential campaign, non-profit organizations and multiple Super PAC’s and 527 committees.  

  • Government Affairs.  Maven Law Group develops and implements highly efficient state and federal government affairs strategies for our clients.   Our firm directs national and multi-state government affairs initiatives for corporate and non-profit clients as well as providing services on a project basis.  Maven Law Group professionals provide direct lobbying services in Colorado and regularly engage in multi-state and federal government affairs engagements.    

Maven Law Group represents large corporations, private companies, and non-profit organizations throughout the country and is committed to delivering efficient, results-oriented legal and government affairs services to our clients.